It’s been one of those days.

Maybe the mailbox quilt could look like this….!!! 15 boxes are enough, 40 would be a little too much!!!!!

I love the fabric   –   and see, you can design a quilt using any subject.

It’s been one of those days. I was up early out here in the ‘shed’ and working, however, I don’t seem to have got anywhere today. I had to do the marketing, business stuff and organizing some super new business cards. When I get home, it’s a bit like high maintenance. Hair, Dr’s, renew the vitamins.

Yesterday in an emergency I had to run to the local shop for some ‘Warm and Natural"…. I had completely run out and as I usually buy wholesale I was miffed when I had to pay $27  a metre for it.

I have other batting, but I can’t use if for this project…I usually land it in Australia at $6.50 a yard…… then I ran out of makeup…. I usually buy it in the US for $7, and I had to buy it for $37 yesterday….with Aussie dollar rising, things are going to be on a more even playing field. It’s hard to come to terms with the cost of quilting supplies here.

It’s not the fault of the quilt shops, distributors, taxes, freight etc takes a slice of each dollar but it is annoying.


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