Month: October 2007


Two days of no blogs.Two days of sheer exhaustion.Two days of hard work and great things happening. However, I did have a little surprise, yesterday, I went to the rest room after a photography session….I popped the camera in the sink next to me (which was dry)   I was unaware that the  taps were motion sensitive and the tap turned on pouring water over my camera….. For goodness sake…… you’ve never seen me move so fast….Fortunately the camera is working after 24 hours of drying out – but it could have been an expensive loo stop. Today began with  a 7.30 am  meeting with my Publisher.I woke at 7.35. Panic, I shot out of bed, washed, dressed, I mistook my eye drops for nasal spray and put it up my nose by mistake….I waved the fingers through the hair and raced down stairs by 7.45…..!!!!!I admit to being a  bit of a zombie over my bagel. I was the  speaker at the luncheon today….After setting up, I walked outside to clear my mind and it …

New ideas

I just gave a huge sigh…. it’s only 8.30 and it seems as if I’ve climbed a mountain today….It’s not physical tiredness, it’s mental. There is so much to see and do. This is my 8th year of coming to Houston and I can honestly say it just gets better and better. There are new products to sample…. I have some new Tsukineko inks to try, Gold tipped sewing machine needles…. new thread wonderful fabrics and they are all lined up on the desk to take home and try….. Some of the new products Bali Sun prints made from tropical sun and leaves. Anna Griffin by Windham fabrics… fresh, new and exciting. Echino, Etsuko Furuya, bold and vibrant. Amy Butler, midwest modern.

The things you see at Houston.

As a Tutor, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in fabric, notions, ideas and techniques in quilting. "What latest trends" you ask…..? The creativity of Amy Butler, Heather Bailey to name a few… talented young designers who are taking the quilt world into a new era of design. I believe that  "Quilting" is an evolution in home sewing. It’s exciting, innovative and the new Quilting Industry has completely changed  our ideas on so many things. I, for one want to be part of the new ideas and share in the excitement. It was School house today…there were 300 classes to choose from today, the brochure states "that the emphasis is on introducing new products or techniques and its an opportunity to expand your existing program." I took a lectures from Kaffe Fassette and Lisa Prior Lucy. Lisa explained that their collaboration is like "Woodstock meets English country cottage….." We were introduced to the fabric designed by Phillip Jacobs and colored by Kaffe… and I believe their next project is fabric from the Pre-Raphaelite …

The things you see at "Houston"  I thought this was rather clever…. but it doesn’t say much for the expertise of the driver…. It appears that the number plate has come up against some stiff opposition….!!!

The quilt is finished….

The little finger on my left hand is throbbing and twice the size it should be.I jammed it in the car this afternoon. This quilt is now finished… I love the water fabric… when I see fabric like this I snap it up…. I’ve also been photographing ducks for years now, with the idea of using them as models for my quilts…This duck however is from an illustrationThe base of the duck was actually a fabric I’ve had for about 10 years..  On the right side of the fabric it has flecks of gold… however I can’t illustrate over gold, but I likedthe way the color was distributed so I used the back. I made an illustration of the duck, simplifying the feathers. At this stage I was uncertain how I was going to quilt it…. but I had the idea that I wanted to quilt the feathers in with cotton thread. The picture I showed you last night was actually the illustration on the fabric.This morning I began the quilting. I use Alex Andersons …