A little project….

when I was in the States recently, I saw some small  applique pictures for sale in a gallery… they were in a frame and I think they were about $50 each

I thought I would give it a go…..Of course I needed to do a sketch to work out just what I needed in the picture.

I auditioned the fabrics. It’s a small picture, so the bricks in the background needed to be quite small.

I made a pattern drawing.

Traced the images onto vlisofix (fusible web) and cut out the pattern pieces and ironed them to the background fabric.

I used a fabric pigment ink pen to drapplique the shading on the tree and pot.

I put batting (thin cotton) and backing on the small picture.

With the embroidery foot on the machine… I used a 60/8 sharp needle, a thin 50 weight cotton and leaving the feed dogs up I set the machine to zig zag 1.5 stitch width and .35 stitch length and free motioned the embroidery.

I think if I do another one… I will try a lighter colour rather than use black on the pot…. however, it doesn’t look too bad.


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