Our Boy, creative in a different way.

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jinda… he’s our youngest son…..He had lovely black shiny hair that glistened in the sun…. He had a big smile and was always helpful and happy….

Now this is my little boy called Jinda who has an interestingly creative hairdo and at 22 is still a great kid…

Having a multi racial famiy has always been an interesting experience in a crowd….however, sitting in a crowd of probably 800 + asian patrons in the market food court today and being embraced by a tall young man dressed to the nines in the latest funky gear and eye catching hairdo….. "Mum, glad to see you home" he announces loudly as he gives me yet another hug and kiss….!!!! the young girls at the next table sat with their mouths open…. and the old man behind us dropped his food off his chop sticks….

We had a bus for many years…. touring 15 of us around at one time was always an event… one day I was standing by the door of the bus as the kids all flowed out. This little boy about 8 came up to me and said "Hey Lady, you’ve got lots of kids gone wrong" !!!!!

Jinda has just qualified as a chef…. pretty good for a little deaf boy who lived until he was 6 in an orphanage… he’d never even walked on grass, let alone have a personal possession….!! and YES, he has a blue eye….. Jinda means Sapphire….


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  1. Caroline says:

    mmm like the hair do. congratulations to your son on his accomplishment – you must be very proud of him!

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