I’m going backward.


Ever feel like you are going backward…?

I’m dragging a little…. I’ve taken all day to write a new set of class notes for my Realistic Appliqué class, and I’m still not finished.
I guess this is the hidden part of Teaching…!!!!

I’ve been sitting at this computer all day….

The most amazing thing is that I a able to listen to Classical Minnesota Public Radio…. it’s 3.07 am there…. and yet I can listen to it as clear a if I was in Long Prairie….!!!!

I’ve also been editing video. The Documentary video we shot will be edited and produced professionally, but we did some quilting interest video and I’m editing it as ‘Roving Reporter’ for the Quilt Show with Ricky and Alex.

I drew the Angel several years ago when I was feeling the same after a long tour and I was traveling back home on the plane.


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