It’s a more reflective day today.

Mother has been desperately ill in Hospital for almost 12 weeks now.
I keep trying to take things in to show her  – to spark a little interest.

My Mum, is one of the most talented people I know.

She never sat without some embroidery in her hands or a paint brush at the ready.

To see her just laying in a darkened room doing nothing is terribly sad.
Last week I did  some sketches for her…. She touched the book gingerly and opened it….
Her eyes widened with interest, and she just kept murmuring "How lovely, How lovely"

So today I took my quilt ‘American Gothic" She was so excited and just kept stroking the fabric and then an old spark appeared and Mum, ever the adventurous…buzzed for the staff to come and view the quilts.

She loved Monet’s garden too, so tomorrow I will make her a little quilt to hang in her room until I return from Queensland on Tuesday.

We talked a lot about America Gothic, Mum remembers me discussing it when I was 12 years old….

I’ve always loved the picture, it was an image I held in my mind to help me through a difficult time when I was young… and I told her

"I’m going to paint it one day when I get old"

Mum said to me …."you were always a little strange"…. well I guess I was, I was a geek — to use today’s language….

My American Gothic Quilt was made as a tribute to a dear friend who died last year….It means an awful lot to me in many ways…..

I was really sad a few weeks ago, when a teacher commented "we all know you made that for the American Market"
How rude….
She almost got snotted….!!!!!XXXXXX 

It’s sad when people put their mouth into gear presuming they know your creative mind without really knowing the story behind it….!!!

Lets change the subject…..

I have a lot of Mums work… She too works in a "Shed" !!!!!

She  loves computers and fortunately has scanned each piece of her work for future reference, and I’m talking of 100’s of pieces of work…. but these images I’m showing you were throw outs…!!!!!

The first picture was one she did as a test piece …. I took it and had it framed and it sits in my dining room on the blue wall…..The picture at the bottom is just 2" X 3" and mum just decided to "draw " with french knots.


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  1. Di says:

    I know the lady that you have made the American Gothic Quilt in memory of. She would have loved it! That teacher sounds like she was just a bit too jealous honey…and what better way to fill her own insecurity than to put you down!

  2. Caroline says:

    Prayers for your mum – it’s good that she’s perked up a bit

  3. Lindsay says:

    Pam, sorry to hear that your Mum is not well and my heart goes out to you. I love your Mum’s ‘french knot’ work, it reminds me so much of my God-Mother who passed away many years ago and it is with thanks to her that I now enjoy my sewing. I am sure she would have loved patchwork as much as I do now. Take care.

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