I’m pushing it folk….

As I prepare for a big trip…. the panic begins to rise.

Add a good mixture of family, friends and the inevitable dilema of the unexpected and that’s what it’s like in preparing for the road.

At 9.30 pm two days ago, I received a phone call from Phong.
"Auntie Pam, you must be at Ming Palace tomorrow evening at 6.30 pm for the Bruce’s baby’s first month party……"

Now folks a first month party is really important to our family…. by our family I mean the Family we assisted some 25 years ago when they arrived in Australia, penniless, with 6 children and an elderly Grandfather.
We helped them shift into their first house… Mum and Dad worked at two jobs each to get enough money to buy a house….
I couldn’t count how many they own now… as for businesses, well I’m not too sure about that either….

Our families have been joined since then….we attend every wedding, birthday etc and Keith is still their adviser….

It was a wonderful evening… none of our children could attend due to the late notice…. and we had to take 1 year old Tilly who ate her noodles with chop sticks and shared her watermelon on a stick with an elderly Vietnamese gentleman.

As for the late notice…. everyone had late notice… it’s always impromptu….

Ah preparation….

All my notes are presented in color booklet form so it’s a lot of work…. but I know the students appreciate it. Kits are prepared and packed…. there are just so many things to think about.

I was in a panic this afternoon when I mislaid 15 blocks that I need for sample day….

After calming down, I walked out of the shed… had an ice cream, walked back in and found them…..(There’s a moral in that story)

What’s sample day you ask…… ?  Probably some 600 guests pay to attend and we Tutors share a trick or two from our resume of classes….. it sounds simple, but it’s exhausting…. and by the end of the hour and a half you begin…. did I tell this to the previous group or not….

Hah…. so hence the blocks…. and they have all been scanned and laminated so I can put them in order on the back board… I also use the computer and a digital projector to do a little presentation…..

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