The quilt is finished….

Dsc02282The little finger on my left hand is throbbing and twice the size it should be.
I jammed it in the car this afternoon.

This quilt is now finished… I love the water fabric… when I see fabric like this I snap it up….

I’ve also been photographing ducks for years now, with the idea of using them as models for my quilts…
This duck however is from an illustration
The base of the duck was actually a fabric I’ve had for about 10 years..  On the right side of the fabric it has flecks of
gold… however I can’t illustrate over gold, but I liked
the way the color was distributed so I used the back.

I made an illustration of the duck, simplifying the feathers. At this stage I was uncertain how I was going to quilt it…. but I had the idea that I wanted to quilt the feathers in with cotton thread.

The picture I showed you last night was actually the illustration on the fabric.
This morning I began the quilting. I use Alex Andersons Masterpiece 50 weight cotton. I used several shades of tan and brown, black and several shades of blue for the water.

I’ve shown you the back of the quilt to highlight the quilting. I quilt with the feed dogs up which allows me to control the illustration… Thats what we are doing with free motion quilting….illustrating with thread. Effectively I achieve a regulated stitch with the assistance of the feed dogs.

OK. I’m not giving away all my  secrets so this will have to do….Dsc01032


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