Two days of no blogs.
Two days of sheer exhaustion.
Two days of hard work and great things happening.

However, I did have a little surprise, yesterday, I went to the rest room after a photography session….I popped the camera in the sink next to me (which was dry)   I was unaware that the  taps were motion sensitive and the tap turned on pouring water over my camera…..

For goodness sake…… you’ve never seen me move so fast….
Fortunately the camera is working after 24 hours of drying out – but it could have been an expensive loo stop.

Today began with  a 7.30 am  meeting with my Publisher.
I woke at 7.35.
Panic, I shot out of bed, washed, dressed, I mistook my eye drops for nasal spray and put it up my nose by mistake….I waved the fingers through the hair and raced down stairs by 7.45…..!!!!!
I admit to being a  bit of a zombie over my bagel.

I was the  speaker at the luncheon today….After setting up, I walked outside to clear my mind and it was a little nerve racking to see hundreds of ladies lined up outside the ballroom waiting to come in….
The tables were beautifully set, the technicians connected my computer to this huge sound system and the guests flowed in the room to the lilting sounds of Enya.

I felt a little overawed that so many people were interested in what I had to say, and most of all, I appreciated the fact that many of the Tutors took time out from their busy schedules to attend….

The adrenaline was still pumping at 3.00 pm, so friends Di, Caroline and I went shopping at the Mall and returned late this evening…..
To be told that Hollis Chatelain had won BOS…. I’m thrilled, her quilt is magnificent…. and she is a worthy winner. Hollis is one of the quilting worlds best, this is her second BOS here at Houston.

We met up with Rosie Quinlan and her sister Melly for dinner last night, so I promised I would put this photo up for them…

I will write more tomorrow….. the brain isn’t functioning too well tonight…..


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  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Pam, Di and Caroline,
    Sounds like you’re having a great time – we’re sweltering in 42c heat!! The Duchess doesn’t look “watery” at all. (Little cartoons in my head of you retrieving that camera super fast!!)
    Luv, Sandy.

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