Away from the Glare and Glory

I imagine you have already been in the IQA site, however, if you haven’t here is the URL for the winning quilts

View the winning quilts.

The quilt made by Hollis Chatelain takes your breath away and I’m sure you are going to see a lot of articles on the quilt in the coming months. Hollis a an inspiration in her work and as a person..

I also think the quilt made by Ted Storm is one of the more spectacular quilts of our time. A friend showed me a photo of the quilt a few months ago and I though it was a winner then. It’s stunning..

But I thought I would show you some of the quilts I admired away from the glare and glory….

Of course to be a finalist in Houston is an honor…..Dsc06573
this quilt, The usual suspects made by Nancy Brown of Oaklands California
is just wonderful. She has captured the personality of the cats with a flourish of the fabric brush….

Nancy states "The Usual suspects are cats that have owned me, friends relatives and neighbors. Also included are the cats that enjoy the entertainment at my backyard bird feeder"

These photos were taken at the International Quilt festival Houston and I ask that you honor the copyright of the Artist.

Globe Thistle, Pat Bishop Appleton, Wisconsin.

Pat States " A photograph I took during the Fox Valley Garden a few years ago inspired this quilt. The large flowers were made separately with a lot of thread work on disolvable stabilizer, then appliquéd onto the quilt."





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