San Antonio

10.30 PM…. on Monday evening….I think I’ve finally begun to relax after the hype of being in Houston.

I believe it was a record breaking show. I couldn’t move on the floor  when I went down after class on  Saturday. The general consensus from my peers is that it was a very successful show.

I flew on to  San Antonio on Sunday.

The weather is hot, and there is a vibrancy in this city that is second to none. I have been surrounded by inspiration and the camera fired off at a rapid pace.
At the market yesterday we were entertained by Mariachi bands, pop divas, and  children schooled in
cultural dancing. The sounds and smells blending as one to tease the senses.

Every corner held yet another surprise and we couldn’t stop smiling.

We decided to have dinner at the Mariachi Bar…..!!!

How on earth can I deDsc02347scribe it.?

Pure spectacle on a grand scale.

I have been a patron several times before and loved it.

The ceiling is covered in colored flags and gold bling…. the walls are painted in the most tantalizing colors.
play and sing to you while you eat chocolate, chilli chicken. (Mola)

We walked the four blocks home and got completely lost on the Riverwalk (the river that runs through the city of San Antonio)

After an hour or so we found our way back and the image of two Aussie girls wandering the walk all night like waifs finally disappeared.

We drank coffee watching the parade of tourists on the Riverwalk, then retired exhausted.

I hit the wall this morning however and I don’t really put it down to the margarita…. just pure over stimulation in a way.

I’ve had some wonderful emails from students and people I visited with or who came to my lecture…. I’m rapt….and  a little humbled.

OOOh but I do enjoy it.

I’ve done a lot of interviews at Houston and I hope you will get to read them in the Quilters Companion.

This year I looked at the unusual stories behind the quilts and their  makers….!!!!!



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  1. I am delighted that you enjoyed your stay here in our beautiful city, San Antonio. Your pictures show even us locals the beauty!
    Pamie G.

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