So it’s meant to be

Is it my age, or did I push the body a little too far today?
I walked some 12 miles in search of "The Chapel of Miracles"

Yes I found it, only to find it’s closed on Tuesdays. So I just sat down on a bench under a tree and quietly asked for a Miracle for my Mum….
So far my request has been answered.

As I walked I realized that I hadn’t been on my own in a long time so I considered it a gift today.

Isn’t it strange how things affect us. Yesterday I saw some fabric that really made me think. I was on the computer early this morning investigating it’s properties and as it happened I came across that same fabric today in a different format at the Alameda Museum.

So it’s meant to be.

The photos below are some I took today…. if you would like to see more just link on to "Beautiful San Antonio" in the side bar

In talking about being on ones own.

I returned to the wonderful Mexican Restaurant for lunch before the marathon walk.

When you are by yourself you are more tuned into what is going on around you.

The restaurant was packed, and people were waiting in queues to get a table.

There was such a mixture of cultures and I delighted in taking note….At the table to the right of me, 10 ladies sat. Each person well dressed in the obligatory "decorated jacket" and matching skirt accompanied by handcrafted jewelry and hand bag…. Their garments designed as   a "creative expression."

There were families with young children. Business groups talking too loudly about their latest conquests….!!! and I took it all in.

The mariachi band played and sang and I was in a world of my own.

It was a lovely experience.

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