What to do next?

Dsc02438 I’m not entirely happy with the result of customizing the blog design, but it’s getting there.
The past few days have been wonderful. I’ve spent time with friends and in the past, Lisa has been responsible for leading me astray.
Over the years we’ve had a lot of adventures.
One year, we hired a fancy sports car, had rhinestones set in our nails and took off on a Thelma and Louise trip for 9 days….
And yes…..we did pack a pistol.
Another trip saw us visit a beauty parlor on Texas for some interesting body adornment.
There  has been more, but I will leave it at that!!!!!
However, what to do THIS trip….

I’m being encouraged to learn how to fire a weapon….. could come in handy one day considering some of my adventures.

However, coming down here to New Mexico has  taught me some other new skills….

I learned how to decorate a Christmas tree with Santa ornaments made out of bullet shells. It was an artistic and creative extravaganza….

What do you think?


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