No time…..!!!!

I’ve not found the time to write the blog over the past few days. 
Work on the computer has taken precedence and I’ve tried to fit in lots of new experiences.
Lisa and I hiked over 800 feet into the bowels of the earth to view Carlsberg Caverns.  We walked down 80 floors and its was an awesome experience.
It took over 2 hours.
We spent time at White Sands National Monument.

I’ve been there many times before, but I’m always in awe of the beauty.

100’s of acres  of pure white Gypsum that form huge dunes. Set against a Chrystal sky, I never tire of visiting.

We’ve visited cotton fields and photographed beautiful Mexican artifacts and huge bunches of hot red chiles

I learned to shoot a gun, drove in around in a 1978 Chevy Corvette Stingray….. and spent a great evening with Lisa’s art class who all arrived in RED shoes, even Steve, the sitting Judge….!!!! so all in all I’ve not let the grass grow under my feet.

Back to work tomorrow with wonderful memories.


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