The places we work in.

Been up since 4.30 and I’m now in the airport in El Paso Texas.

I’ve always been taken by the carpet here, two bright green lizards entwined……

I’m  crunched up in a corner standing at a high table… it’s the only place I can get a power point. I’m facing a bright blue green wall and I can’t hear a thing because the fridge next to me is making such a racket… the vibration is going through the floor and the bottles of liquid are jiggling at their posts..
I don’t think I will last long in this position. Just long enough to charge the battery.!!!!!

The coffee tasted like cardboard, so it’s found it’s way into the bin and I reflect on the fact that it’s sad leaving friends, however, the email and phone are always part of our lives now so, I have 3 flights and a day of traveling to California…friends are sadly left behind.

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