I’m finally home and working in the shed.
It’s 2.45 am in San Jose, but 9.15 pm here so I’m doing well.

Grand Daughter, miss Tilly is delighted to have found me in the ‘shed’ when she arrived home from day care today. Her smile was worth coming home for.

We  had a drama on board last night that was a little unsettling. A young woman collapsed and they had to do CPR right by my feet.

Fortunately there was a Dr on board and he stabilized her, but it was a little unnerving.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had the opportunity to do a little shopping thanks to the hospitality of Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association. Ronnie introduced me to the wonderful shops in Los Gatos surprise, surprise, we found a quilt shop.

I did get a bit of a shock when several girls bought their dogs into the shop….!!! rather civilized really.

The photo is of the city of Adelaide as I flew in at noon.

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