Oh, What a day…….

As you can tell over the past few days I have been experimenting with the Banner on my blog. I don’t like this one, but I’ll keep persevering. It’s just darn frustrating…..!!! GRRR

Today was a day of paperwork and office catchup. Not my most favorite job.
One of the most important tasks is to review my contract. It needs to be checked each year and as I’m sending and receiving contracts for 2010 I have to work out just what my fee  structure will be ~ 3 years hence.
It’s a bit scary if you dwell on it…. all sorts of things can happen in that span of time….however, I just "Get on with it"

There are so many things that need to be dealt with behind the scenes ~ like any other profession… it’s hard to understand unless you are actually working in it. The hardest thing is to prepare for work three years out!!!!!!

No, it’s not a matter of hopping on a plane and go teach…. There are hours of prep work to make it all look smooth, professional and simple. !!!!!!

I think the day was made harder by the fact that our very special dog "Turbo" had to be put to sleep this morning… The Vet sobbed, we cried and other members of the family were disappointed and sad that they couldn’t say goodbye….
He gave us so much love over the past 12 years… and as the years progressed we counted our blessings that I ‘dog napped’ him from a violent owner when he was just 8 weeks old.
He was called Turbo because although he stood just 20" tall, in his youth, he could leap 6 ft fences without hitting the top….
Thanks for your loyalty Turbie……


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