That’s why I’m a Teacher.

I attended a meeting last night with about 25 other Teachers from South Australia.

The topic was Teacher Accreditation

I personally see great value in accreditation for the new generation of Teachers.
By "New generation" I mean young quilters or passionate quilters with new and fresh ideas. The new generation groundswell is occurring in the USA and was very evident at Market this year.  We need to encourage more school age and young women to look at  the fabric arts as an exciting creative experience. I know of quite a few unsung heroes gently guiding young people along that path.

For teachers such as I who have been around for a while… I’m not a "technically" accredited teacher, but certainly an "Experience" accredited teacher.
I’m an Author, designer, quilter and I’ve spent many many hours creating and perfecting the techniques that I teach.
I generally work 7 days a week…..I have a passion that is ever present and I enjoy sharing that with my students….
I appreciate the comments of my students and when a student is inspired to look at things differently by coming to my class It’s worth more to me than a wage……!!!!
That’s why I’m a Teacher. I believe I would have opted for accreditation if it had been offered 18 years ago.

There were some interesting opinions last night, – some I agreed with, some I didn’t …..and some were very predictable.
However, it was a meeting of like minds in a profession that is basically based in an unprofessional environment.

A friend recently said….    
"If we don’t value what we do, then others will not."

I value what I do and I make the most of every single minute…

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  1. Carolyn Foley says:

    Real teachers are born with a passions for teaching.
    As the old saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’. It is student outcomes or what they can do with what they learn that is the measure of a good teacher, not the qualifications that the teachers may have. By saying that I am not underplaying the importance of teacher education. Training teachers has shown to improve student learning but you can not teach that passion. That comes from within.

  2. pam says:

    I agree with you 100% Caroline. Thanks…

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