I’m exhausted.

When I was young, I hosted parties almost weekly…

Jeez, just take our family of 15 +and we were a party….. without adding others to swell the crowd…

Today 20 friends joined us for lunch. We’ve been friends for over 30 years and we were having a "retrospective"

I didn’t have to cook or cater… I didn’t have to shop, I had help with the cleaning…. but I’m exhausted tonight…. does that mean I’m getting on…..?  I’m a little worried.
I can normally swing from the rafters…!!!!!

I have an interesting week ahead of me….
1 solid week of designing and sketching for a new venture…. I imagine you will hear of it in the coming months…
I’m excited and a little daunted…. maybe that’s what’s making me hit the wall this evening !!!!

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  1. Di says:

    Ha Ha…do you really want me to answer that question????? LOL

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