Inspired to Stitch – book review.

I purchased a new book recently –

Inspired to Stitch, 21 Textile artists by Diana Springall.

There are hours of reading, a wealth of inspiration…. it wasn’t a cheap book, setting me back $85 but I have already had my value out of it.

It showcases the work of 21 women artists who work in the medium of Textiles.

Pauline Burbridge, Jane Poulton, Louise Gardiner to name a few….

Edward Lucie-Smith wrote the foreword and his words made me think…..

"Contemporary embroidery has to struggle against art world prejudice for recognition and – not incidentally – for real financial status. Part of this prejudice is based on gender, and on historical perceptions based on gender…."

I think this statement is paralleled in the quilting community.

The book spans the gap between art, textile art and quilting, well worth a read.

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