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Leaf_2bmp_colorI’ve been finishing my last class sample….it involves drawing ferns, palms,  cutting into gorgeous fabric and writing notes as I go.

Every step is photographed and put into the computer. It takes time, but the Quilt sample and the student notes are finished at the same time.
However, I can’t print them just yet.
After 5 years I’m now up for a new scanner and color digital
printer… so Father Christmas better be kind this year!!!! I’ve
printed over 75000 color pages for my classes over the past 5 years…

The fabric below features Frida Kahlo, that should give you some hints… I’ve
been following a theme for months now, it’s pretty darn exciting. (well, I think so anyway) One idea leads to another.

I might have it ready to share tomorrow or the next day.

Plans are now finalized for the next tour after the Carribean,  and I’m going on an adventure to Mexico I think the orange and purple glasses accompanied by the red shoes…will go down a treat  there… You never know I might come back with something even more bizarre….

Sombrero’s, Margarita’s, bright colors. ancient buildings, fabulous food, music and interesting people…. Oh, and add in quilting, what more could I ask for? Keith is coming along too… so I have help with the bags and it means we can have 4 cases instead of 2. !!!


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  1. Carolyn Foley says:

    Forget the margarita’s, remember the lock jaw!!

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