Christmas presents.

I made DVD’s for "the girls" today (well over the past few days really) 15 of my friends…

It’s made up of beautiful music, and photos of most of the quilts at Houston… all they need to do is sit down with a cuppa and enjoy.

The little bags are moda paper that I bought in a scrapbook store in the USA… so were the tags…. and the ribbon came from the US too….100 ft for $5….. that’s what I call a bargain

I just cut the paper in half and it made a bag big enough for a CD in a cover…. I then zig zagged down the each side and trimmed the top with a wrinkly rotary cutter.


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  1. what a wonderful gift!
    Wow seeing the quilts in houston is a dream of mine! Some day I will get to go to Houston and to Paducah!
    Kathie in NJ

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