A sense of freedom

I now have a sense of freedom to pursue my passion, the Bayeux Tapestry. Major work behind me, I’m surrounded by my reference books and getting a little lost in translation.

I try to work for a coupe of hours each day on my project but it’s been a little difficult over the past few weeks..

Fabric designs have taken precedence….

However, tomorrow I’ll take time off to spend with my eldest granddaughter Chianne, aged 16, we’re going to have lunch and then a pedicure…

The Hydrangeas are almost in full colour and are lovely this year and these are just outside the studio….(The Shed) so it’s a nice environment to work in.


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  1. pat sloan says:

    Pam I love reading your blog! I taught at Hershey with you this summer (Aug).. but we didn’t have a chance to really meet. I started reading your blog after that
    I was doing some research and saw a quilt from 1994 by Gretchen Echols at this site. I think you’ll like it, a collage piece like your Freida
    Pat Sloan

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