Continuing the collage

Each day when I have a little time to spare, I do a little quilting on the collage…
The essence of the project allows it to be heavily quilted and embroidered.
I’ve added a couple of images to share on the blog.
The cactus was originally cut from the base fabric… and by that I mean the fabric I cut the image of Frida from. I placed fusible web on the back of the fabric Dsc07575
and cut out the image of the cactus. It was then ironed onto the base of the collage.
I stitched it down with a thread the same as the printed image… however it looked flat. So I illustrated with black thread and added the prickles. I went over the edge several times… just as you would do if you were illustrating with a pen.

The next image is the aggie plant.

I didn’t do too much to it really, I used a thread of similar color to the print on the fabric and filled in the image with machine embroidery. The leaves  at the base of the plant have been altered with thread and ink, but don’t show in these illustrations.Dsc07576


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