Holland Herald

Does this happen in your house….?

Have you done the Christmas cards….?
You need to get a move on….XXXXXXXXX!!!!!

For the past couple of years I arrived home late in December… and to be honest, the heart just wasn’t in it…

The tradition now is to send a long letter, sometimes with photos, sometimes just a note.
I read them from cover to cover and save them from year to year as part of history.

Well, I did finish the Christmas cards this year, some bought, some home made, and I finally managed to write the Holland Herald for friends and relatives.

Holland Herald  I have added it as a PDF  for easy access for friends and relatives…

However, anyone may read it…

Maybe I should explain. We have a multiracial family of 15. Ten of our thirteen children were not born to us, but for us I suppose. So we have an multicultural brood.With the exception of 2 sons who are chefs and work odd hours.

Everyone lives close to home (within 10 kms)… well the other two are just 16 kms… away so I can’t complain.

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