Year: 2007

The past few days have been busy… this jacket is one I purchased from my favorite store in the USA…J Jill. I had some bits left over from the Frida Kahlo  collage and decided to add them to the jacket…  along with some vintage rick rack…

A sense of freedom

I now have a sense of freedom to pursue my passion, the Bayeux Tapestry. Major work behind me, I’m surrounded by my reference books and getting a little lost in translation. I try to work for a coupe of hours each day on my project but it’s been a little difficult over the past few weeks.. Fabric designs have taken precedence…. However, tomorrow I’ll take time off to spend with my eldest granddaughter Chianne, aged 16, we’re going to have lunch and then a pedicure… The Hydrangeas are almost in full colour and are lovely this year and these are just outside the studio….(The Shed) so it’s a nice environment to work in.  

Christmas presents.

I made DVD’s for "the girls" today (well over the past few days really) 15 of my friends… It’s made up of beautiful music, and photos of most of the quilts at Houston… all they need to do is sit down with a cuppa and enjoy. The little bags are moda paper that I bought in a scrapbook store in the USA… so were the tags…. and the ribbon came from the US too….100 ft for $5….. that’s what I call a bargain I just cut the paper in half and it made a bag big enough for a CD in a cover…. I then zig zagged down the each side and trimmed the top with a wrinkly rotary cutter.

I’ve quilted  half of the quilt…. and it’s difficult to tell which is appliquéd and which is the existing fabric… I’ve followed the illustration lines on the fabric…. feed dogs up and illustrated basically. I need to add an iridescent green to the leaves to give them light… I normally use warm and natural batting for this sort of a project, but I’m using up some other batting I bought… (I have an entire roll) it has more loft… and I really am having to work hard with it….. I don’t like it at all. I’m using 50 and 60 weight threads and a 60/8 Sharp needle.

Quilting Collage.

Quilting collage… Yep, every image on this quilt top has been cut out and placed collage style onto the quilt. I’ve a lot more to do… the quilting will be interesting and there are a few more items to add.

New Project

I’ve been finishing my last class sample….it involves drawing ferns, palms,  cutting into gorgeous fabric and writing notes as I go. Every step is photographed and put into the computer. It takes time, but the Quilt sample and the student notes are finished at the same time. However, I can’t print them just yet.After 5 years I’m now up for a new scanner and color digital printer… so Father Christmas better be kind this year!!!! I’ve printed over 75000 color pages for my classes over the past 5 years… The fabric below features Frida Kahlo, that should give you some hints… I’ve been following a theme for months now, it’s pretty darn exciting. (well, I think so anyway) One idea leads to another. I might have it ready to share tomorrow or the next day. Plans are now finalized for the next tour after the Carribean,  and I’m going on an adventure to Mexico I think the orange and purple glasses accompanied by the red shoes…will go down a treat  there… You never know I might …