Year: 2008

Did you miss a miracle?

It's early morning.All is silent.From my vantage point, I look out across the tree tops towards the ancient hills that are now dressed in summer tan.The sun has lit the top of the clouds turning them from dawn ~ grey to orange ~ pink. Everything changes as I sit and watch. Within a short time, there is an explosion of color second to none. The birds are celebrating a new day with an amazing chorus. Those who are still sleeping have missed a miracle.

The road less traveled.

When I'm on the plane, traveling to interesting places. Or in an airport club…On a bus.In a line, waiting for a ticket or something else compulsory. I'm always exploring subjects with a view to placing them into fabric or following a concept of re-creation in other materials.Everything is interesting, the way the light falls through a  church window,Stone walls, the color of a door, shadows on a wall. It's not deliberate, I've always done that, even when I was a child.Of course, it wasn't until I was a quilter that I was able to express myself in the medium of fabric. It's frustrating at times not having the time to do all the things that I create in my mind, but in another way it's like living in a documentary. Fabulous scenery, great images and interesting stories.I take photos in my mind and those images remain there until i need them….. For many years, I felt inferior to other quilters because I couldn't use fabric in a more relaxed way in an art-fiber genre.  I …


So Christmas is over.Now it's back to work. I'm considering the border for Frida….. I was really taken with the tiles in Mexico…. so I figured that if you can paint a tile pattern on ceramic, you can do the same on fabric…. This tile is a traditional Mexican tile… I like the inconsistencies in the lines… it makes it more realistic… I've left fabric for the seam allowance and I will add sashing to look like grout…..

I need help

I have a small problem. I do a lot of pencil sketches…, and I have difficulty stopping the pencil from coming off the paper and smudging the original drawing…. Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution?

Christmas at the Holland House. There’s a hero in everybody’s heart. Jamie’s our hero.

It's summer, it's hot and it's Christmas Day… but we miss our boy Jamie. Jamie is our hero, he, along with many others are protecting the whales in our Australian waters in the Antarctic.They've had some rather heart stopping experiences and to say that they are risking their lives is not an exaggeration. Jamie you're in our heart. You're our hero These photos are for you.