Face to Face.

I visited this wonderful exhibition this morning….. wonderful photos of wildlife.

The it’s called Face to Face and I urge you to visit it if you can.

The faces of some 20 primates, enlarged to around 6 ft X 4 ft stare with kind, thoughtful eyes into a darkened room. As with humans there are stories behind each one of the photos. I found it very moving.

From December 22, the Australian Museum invites you to come ‘Face to Face’ with James, Bonny, Pumbu and dozens of other orphans that share similar experiences of violence and pain.

In Australia for the first time, the ‘Face to Face’ exhibition features thirty emotive portraits of primates – gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orang-utans – whose innocence and vulnerability forces us to question our own inhumanity and arrogance in the way we mistreat nature.


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