I’m stumped

I actually began the morning with a question….?

How many fields of flax would it take to make 80 meters of linen fabric.
I think I’m stumped…. I do know that the weave is fine. 18 or 19 threads per centimeter, woven in the most basic construction called "tabby" (
toile in French) which alternates single horizontal and vertical threads in an over-and-under pattern.!!!!!

It took 45 kilograms (99.20 lb) of wool to embroider the Bayeux Tapestry….Now how can I photograph that.?

8 yards of embroidery wool costs around $12  and weighs 1 OZ.

There are 1,587.32 oz in a US pound. That equates to $19,047 for the amount of wool used in the Bayeux Tapestry…..That’s 38,093 feet of thread…..

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