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I spent the afternoon working on the video…. it’s runs for 7 minutes and takes five minutes to buffer…. so if you would like to view my shed, my Summer House studio, the troops and my special things… just put it on, press go, and then make a cuppa for five minutes…

I prefer to have the quality in the video rather than it look mooshy like U-Tube……

I still haven’t sorted the problem I had yesterday… I was back out here at 5.00 this morning, but gave up in disgust and did the ironing and attacked a pile of paperwork.

Now Caroline, the little Possum, has been up burning the midnight oil it seems.

In my post I’m stumped I asked the question? "How many fields of flax would it take to make 80 meters of linen fabric?"

Caroline states:-

"Now answers to questions like that take a bit of time and lots of research. There are very few records from medieval times regarding flax yields. Farming methods were different. You wouldn’t see the large plantings you see today. However, working back from farming methods today for hemp. It produces between 20 – 30 bushel per acre. Linen is said to produce about 1/2 that amount. An acre of ground would produce about 100 square metres of fabric. No figures for thread but it is said that it took 12 to 14 days to spin 1lb to thread."

Thanks Caroline…. I really appreciate your help.

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    Video not working!

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