Video Podcast…..again….

I’ve made the video shorter, so I hope you can view it now….

However, it is shown in Quicktime and if you don’t have it on your computer, I have added the URL. It’s free and is what most video’s are configured in nowdays.

I’ll let you into a secret….

For years now, I’ve listened to my Ipod very loudly for 5-10 minutes before I teach or give a presentation. I walk away to a quiet spot, pop on the headphones and loose myself in the music.

It’s a trigger to motivate, encourage and fire my enthusiasm… it’s become a habit and centers my vision on the task at hand.

The song on the film is Dsc07886_2
sung by Jo-dee Messina  "I’m alright" and one is of my ‘trigger’ songs

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  1. Di says:

    loved the video Pammy. You are a clever chook!

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