Two more interesting tools.

I found these products at Quilt Market in Houston, and I use them a great deal. I found a site for them in Australia.

As you can see the larger one is clipped to my machine. I don’t generally use if for sewing, however, I have to stop quite frequently and sew the threads into the body of the quilt… so I use this magnifier when I’m threading the needle and to make sure the threads are up to standard.

The other picture are lenses that clip to your glasses, I use these when I’m doing  really fine illustrations and I can also sew with them on… They magnify the image about 60%. They are not bulky and I can easily whip them on and off…. I guess the drawback for these is that you actually have to wear glasses to use them.


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  1. maureen says:

    Make sure you cover the magnifying glass when you aren’t using it. A friend of mine went out and left one on her lamp. The sun shone through it and burnt a hole in her leather lounge before she got home

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