Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under

Our family lives in a small town in the Adelaide Hills.

It’s always green, lush and a sanctuary from the searing heat of Summer. In the early days of settlement it would take a day in a laden horse and buggy for moneyed English country folk to make their way up a dusty track to seek relief from the heat in the city  1000 feet below. They built country manors, planted English oak and willow and it was known as a summer retreat.

Now it’s 20 minutes by car on a tunnel enhanced freeway to the CBD.

We also have a little excitement once a year as the famous bike ride, the "Tour Down Under" comes through Aldgate and our sister towns of Stirling and Hahndorf… Don’t blink, whoosh, and they are gone.

I filmed a little yesterday trying to capture the excitement. However, I have added some  photos of the surrounding countryside. It’s beauty is in the color and simplicity of summer in Australia in contrast to the heavily treed areas of the Adelaide Hills.

Just press the arrow and wait for a few minutes till the temperature gauge gets to the end… sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds and music of the Tour Down Under. (It’s 2 minutes Long)

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