They saved the cows

Cocoa Beach, a strange name for a town. In fact the town was in reality named mosquito. They say the mosquitoes were so bad that they would swarm up the nose of a cow and suffocate it.!!!
in 1960, the wedding of "I dream of Jeanie" was filmed on the beach, and I imagine the building of the space center in the late 1950’s helped put this area on the map.
As for those pesky mosquitoes… of course the people at NASA decided to get rid of them all… and indeed they did!!!! THEY SAVED THE COWS.

I found information on two quilt shops, but I don’t think I’m going to visit them the web pages are not too inspiring, instead I went on a vintage quilt hunt. I found quite a few, average price around $65 but Dsc02698
most of them were in disrepair.  I find it interesting, it’s generally the brown/tan fabric that disintegrates first. I’m sure it’s something in the dye.
So I left the quilts and bought a real interesting piece of fabric art that can be used as a scarf or a belt.

I guess the reality is that an interesting web page can bring customers through the door.


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