Sunday morning in Cocoa Beach is rather nice. It’s mild, a little humid and just enough cloud to make the sunrise perfect.
We visited the Kennedy Space Center Yesterday. It was  a humbling experience. Set amongst 250 square acres of swamp, sea  and reclaimed land the center is home to science and nature alike. We saw many alligators, a myriad of bird life, manatee’s and dolphins.
There was a shuttle awaiting launch next Thursday and we went on a special tour to see it. Amazing.
Dinner last night was the first event of our tour. Today we will make our way to the cruise ship ready for class tomorrow….. it’s a nice way to go to work.

the photo below is a polished marble memorial to throw who were lost in Apollo 13. it’s beautiful, and the clouds reflect in it. 3 days ago was the 5th anniversary of their death and the surrounding area was scattered with 1000’s of long stem roses.


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  1. pat sloan says:

    Pam if you have a car to get up to Jacksonville FL there is a massive gift/quilt shop. Called Ole Green Cupboard… they are SUPER at styling… and the place is the size of a GROCERY store!
    Tell them I sent you.. ask if Kathy Peterson is there to show you around.
    have a GREAT cruise.. tell Jim I said hi!!
    Pat sloan

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