8 days without the blog.

I feel like my throat has been cut.
Today has been just one of those days.

We left the ship at 8.30 this morning and all went well until we got to our hotel at 11.00
"Sorry, you need to wait til 3.00 to get into your rooms"….so, we sat by the pool, ate a greasy hamburger and waited and waited and waited…… finally after 5 phone calls and a little Aussie XXXXXXX 4.30 we got into our room, the reason for the delay, they were cleaning the carpet. !!!!!
So we asked to get our luggage out of storage… "10 minutes sir"…. well an hour later the luggage arrived after Keith went down and picked it up himself…
Keith did the washing while I set up the internet….
1 hour, 5 phone calls explaining that we were actually in the hotel…
"No Maam, you’re not registered"…..
Little possums…..
Gees, I’m finally on the internet.!!!!!!!

So I have lots to share about our fabulous trip… we have a few days R&R and then we’re off to Mexico!!!!!!


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  1. Di says:

    How was the boat? I can’t imagine you without the internet for a couple of days…let alone 8 days!

  2. Carolyn Foley says:

    And I was thought you must have fallen overboard! There was nothing on the ether. Now that is not like you, even without the internet I thought you would have got a message out. What were you doing?

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