A Fact so Charming

Our second port of call was St Maartin.

The island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin is the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two different nations. Only 37 square miles are owned by France and the Netherlands Antilles.
The French territory covers about two thirds of the island and is technically a part of Europe and the European Community.
The Dutch side is a member island of the Netherlands Antilles and part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but not considered European territory. There is no real border, just modest monuments and signs.
Keith and I decided to do an Art Tour…… well in fact, that’s not quite true. I was so busy with work that I forgot to book the tour. After we had left thew ship…. I remembered…. I noticed a woman going past with "Art Tour" on a piece of card board…. I ran behind her like a woman possessed, explained my plight and she took pity on us and very nicely included us in the tour.

We visited 3 artists, we purchased paintings and the camera was rather busy.

Dozens of different kinds of rum…. jewelery at very reduced prices, color, music, sun, sand and good food. What a way to spend a day…



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