My view of Mexico City

It’s still pitch black outside despite being 6.30 am.
Our room is on the top floor of the hotel, and we have a Birdseye view of Mexico city.
I am going to class at 9.00 am so it’s review time for the next hour or so.
Keith will stay behind today to buy a few essentials, like diet coke …. !!!! I had nothing to drink last night in the room so I had to boil water ….. a little desperation I think.
Our ride from the airport to the hotel last night was hair raising, and exciting. Color, music, graffiti covered buildings and people sounds whizzed past the windows. Cars came at us from all directions, but our young driver intent on achieving a high speed gave no concessions. The sidewalks are cluttered with  vehicles in repair status or just plain old. Similar to South Africa and India we were crowded by vendors at every stop. I saw children laying on the median strips waiting for parents who sold things at stop lights… cars whizzed past at breakneck speed just inches from their little legs.
I wanted desperately to capture it all on film, but I have time in the next week.
Keith and I are no strangers to poverty, or third world conditions… but the reality sure grounds your soul.
The wi fi signal is weak here so photos are a problem at the moment, however, I may have to move somewhere else in the hotel to put photos up.

Tomorrow we explore and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of Mexico City…. whoopee!!!!

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