Friend Jeanette emailed me today

"I hope that you know that Mexico City had a nice earth quake the other day! It won’t happen now that you are there, you will be a big enough quake for the country to cope with any way!"

Well I don’t know about that……

However, there is another problem…..Keith and I noticed police stationed every 10 feet along the roadway in front of our hotel yesterday. Inquiries led us to the front page of the News.!!!!
Even today we got caught up in some sort of police roadblock. People were taken off the train and bus, dozens of police and security were searching bags.

Security is heightened and I think they have the culprits.

Yep…… and the girls in class persuaded me to take of my rings….I think I’ve lost my persona.


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  1. Carolyn Foley says:

    I’m with Jeanette!!

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