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Slide show of a walk through the Historic area of Mexico City. (just click to enter)

I’ve come down to the lobby of the hotel, the wireless signal is quite weak in my room, it’s OK for email, but photos are to slow to download.
I’ve been doing this for days now.
I settled down here half an hour ago, suddenly I was joined by 4 young women with their study books…. seems I’ve set a precedent… I must admit, It’s a little off putting.

Today we just walked.


The Historic area of Mexico City is just 10 blocks from us, but there are interesting things to see along the way.
The Zocolo is the huge square surrounded by Cathedrals, major buildings and museums. There was a huge police presence today, truck loads arrived when we were there. They were stationed every couple of feet.
The Zocolo is huge, and right in the center of it was a structure so unusual that we had to investigate further. It was about 3 stories high and constructed of bamboo poles and bright red stucco.
1000’s of people were lined up to enter the building. Keith and I walked up to investigate… the policeman asked us if we would like to visit and ushered us inside….!!!! passing by the
It was the Ashes and Snow Nomadic Museum

Take a look at the site. I have never seen anything like it. The show has been in Venice, USA Japan and now Mexico.

Our walk home in the late afternoon was interrupted by a demonstration so I climbed on a wall and photographed until it passed.Dsc08789


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  1. Carolyn Foley says:

    Wow! That is just amazing. Are you in overload yet with all those sights and sounds? I am going to have to extend my trip to take in Mexico City.

  2. candy says:

    Ashes and Snow
    Double wow!!
    Right place, right time!
    and someone to share it with.

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