We spent the time photographing and filming today…. and we have just a short time left here in Oaxaca.
The main square in the city is called the Zocalo and to get there you walk down cobbled streets lined by tall colored buildings with the most interesting windows and doors…



Because the Zocalo is bordered on two sides by a magnificent  church and the state/municipal government building (la Catedral and el Palacio de Gobierno), it serves as a space for social and religious gatherings and for political protest.

But it is the day to day life in the Zocolo that is interesting. We sat in a restaurant  today for several hours with friends we have met on our travels…. parents with small children feed the pigeons…. music is played in all quarters and food vendors file past with all manner of goods in large bowls on their heads…. It’s all rather perfect really.
Many Americans have retired here… the cost of living is much cheaper and life is a little slower, as for the weather…. it’s around 28 (72) every day.Dsc09137


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  1. Carolyn Foley says:

    I take it that it is a thumbs up for Oaxaca?
    It makes dealing with difficult teenagers rather dull.

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