Kids and Koalas

After eating Mexican food for the past 12 days…. we needed to visit the burger shop last night.
There were quite a few patrons.
A large screen TV displayed TV adverts and the news.
I noticed a small girl, she couldn’t have been more the 3 or 4. Her clothes were in rags and she was filthy. She went to several tables asking for food. Then retired to the door, her eyes fixed on the Television screen.
There are so many people begging here that it is hard to give to everyone…. however, as an observer it struck me that there were wealthy Mexican families enjoying their meal, some westerners…. and dark suited businessmen.
No one acknowledged her…..
I just wanted to pick her up and take her home….(I’ve done that before)
We bought the biggest bag of fries we could…. I quietly ushered her out of the restaurant and gave her the bag….
she took them without a word and ran off into the darkness….
I thought of my precious grandchildren having to beg for food…..I can’t imagine……

I had a bag of koalas in my bag, you know those touristy ones…. I give them out in class and they are always well received…
I had 20 of them left, so I put them in my hand bag and as we went round the markets yesterday I quietly slipped one into the hand of some of the small children…. the look on their faces was better than shopping !!!!

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