I’m bushed…..

8.40 pm and I’ve been at the computer preparing a program for 13 hours solid.The brain is frozen, the neck is sore and the head has just had it so no sewing today….!!!

I’ve changed the borders yet again….

Part of the process of designing is the right to change your mind… This morning I decided to cut the dark borders smaller and add a border to allow the central image to "float"…. I’ve used the same McKenna Ryan fabric that I used for the background. I’s graduated and creates interest.

My Houston Quilt Odyssey

The latest Quilters companion is out… I wrote an article, My Houston Quilt Odyssey I decided to look at the Quilt Convention a little differently this time…."I’ve taken a longer route home from Houston this year. I was Teaching and Lecturing across the US.  Many of the students in my audience had also just returned…

Similar borders.

I put the borders on this quilt in the same manner as used in the the cactus quilt.Each border is actually appliquéd down…. The scaly border was cut around each outside scale and stitched with monofilnament, the final border was appliquéd on with a blanket stitch.

Border process.

I added the checkered border first..It reminds me of the mosaic tiles I saw in Mexico. However, lets make it more interesting.,.I cut a 1” strip of fusible web and ironed it to the top of the strip of check fabric.I cut along the edge of the pattern tin the fabric to give me an…

A little more detail…..

I’ve added a little more to the quilt and the explanations are in the PAGES  part of the blog on the right hand side. Border Process…..

How do we get old?

3 years ago, after a visit to my parents I was suddenly hit with the realization that they were old.I drove the hour trip home and my thoughts were more on Mum and Dad than concentrating on the road.  At dinner that night…. I just quietly announced "I think Mum and Dad have got old"They…

"One night I went for a walk by the sea, along the empty shore. The deep blue sky was flecked with clouds of a blue deeper than the fundamental blue of intense cobalt, and other of a clearer blue, like the whiteness of the milky way. …….." Vincent Van Gogh.I can imagine Vincent Van Gogh…

"Being creative is seeing the same thing as everybody else, but thinking of something different."

I’ve had along day.

This is the way I feel tonight, I’ve been working since 4.30 am. I needed to fit in a days work before 10.00 am when my friends were due to arrive for a day of quilting. Four of us have been working on a project for the past several years. It is now up on…