Books and beauty.

I think I’ve mentioned before that being on the road doesn’t mean the work stops…
I’m writing a book and undertaking study, so when the TV is off, the husband is asleep, I can work.
For the past few days, I’ve found it hard to concentrate on just what I’m doing in the real world when my mind is going over the information I’ve been working on  for my book…. those who know me say "she’s in another place"
10 hours traveling tomorrow will give me the opportunity to be "in another place" without anyone noticing.

We had an amazing adventure on our last day in Oaxaca….

Loaded into an overfilled van we drove 3000 feet into the mountains. Oaxaca is at 6000 ft so another 3000 found us in high mountain country, cold windy and clear.
The roads were very narrow and winding with sharp bends that ended with a 1000 ft drop on one side.
The woman who sat next to me, had her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming most of the time.
Donkeys, dogs, people and the occasional vehicle on the wrong side of the road added to the excitement.
At times the road was barely a track and we bounced unmercifully from one ditch to another.
After an hour or so we came to a road block. With no explanation we were ushered from our closed vehicle to an open truck sort of thing…and we had to hang on for dear life as we bumped down a steep incline to our destination. We also had to pay another 30 pesos for the experience… seems one village was fighting with another and we sort of got caught in the middle.
I hadn’t anticipated the cold and dragged out a shawl I had recently purchased to wrap around my shoulders…. I’ve never worn a shawl and shorts before…. what a sight.

A 20 minute walk down a steep incline and we were at our destination the hot springs of the petrified water.

It was an exciting experience….





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  1. Heather Reynolds says:

    Great photos Sis
    Stay safe and we will see you soon

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