Trials and tribulations of working on a plane.

The plane trip today was long, 7 hours in the air and 3 hours in the airport….so the drawing book came in handy today…..

On the last leg, the guy who sat in front of us bounced around in his seat for 4 hours….. I’ve never seen anyone so animated in a plane, I was praying he would go to sleep like everyone else… At one stage he pulled down the window shutter, I breathed a sigh of relief. ZIP up it went again almost instantly. Then he’s raising his voice… "Pam, Pam, where are you…. ?"I got rather a shock until I realized that he was calling his wife….

I said quite a few words under my breath and I admit to hanging on to the seat so he couldn’t jog my try table…..and I gritted my teeth….. little possum.

I think my state of mind has rubbed me up the wrong way…. my spare ribs were tough at dinner and Keith has changed the channel on the TV about 50 times… so maybe there is a law that 5 weeks continuously in the same room as ones spouse is enough !!!!!!

So on go the headphones and I listen to kind music as I work tonight….!!!!

The illustration below didn’t photograph very well, the tail has come out a little faint.

On the top and bottom  of the Bayeux Tapestry are some 500 images of zoomorphic animals, They are about 4" high. In the tapestry the embroidery is quite simplistic as you see in the photo below.

I have chosen to make them more interesting by adding my own texture to the illustrations… I think it brings them to life…..!!!

I can’t show you the other illustrations…   (not yet anyway)



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