So I’ve been tagged….

I’ve been tagged by fellow tutor Pat Sloan. I love her blog… specially her banner.

Now these are the rules…

1. When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 7 things about yourself. (yes.. these ARE the rules.. good we are all flexible and creative girls!)
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OOh, this is a first for me.

I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you don’t know.That’s not too easy really because I really tell all.

Dsc02996No 1.
Well you DO know that I love bright colors and photography. I wear bright clothes and always wear red glasses and shoes. This year I have orange and purple glasses. I almost lost them in Mexico, A Japanese lady in the restaurant wanted to buy them from me….!!

But I live in quite a different environment. Our house is decorated in Vintage. 1940’s – 1950’s. Surprisingly our family love it.
I collect old linen. I love vintage colors. I have beautiful embroideries done by my Mother on the walls, antique quilt blocks framed, vintage and antique quilts on all the beds and lots of paintings.

Dsc02763No 2. Most of my friends know that I love Bling….!! But my family and friends think it’s a bit much…. even thought they gave me more for my significant birthday. My friend Joan is always telling me off for wearing it and when I got mugged in South Africa,  and I was being wrestled to the ground by my attacker…. I heard Joan’s voice "you’ll get into trouble one day." so I fought back and hung on to my necklace…. I saved two….he got one…!!!!!

No 3. When I was young I never had the opportunity to go to university. Keith and I married quite young, we have 13 kids, our life was full of "family stuff,  laughter and sometimes tears" and I never found the time to go back to study. I watched all my friends do further study when I was young… I worked instead and built up a fashion  design business. My quilting journey has led me back to study and I am now studying quilting at the University of Nebraska…. what a joy.

No 4. I like nothing better than to stand up in front of a room full of people and share my love, passion and ideas on creating quilts and textile art. I guess most of you know that. It’s a bit like a drug… that adrenaline kicks in and I’m in fine form..

But you don’t know that until I was 30, I was pathetically shy. We would be invited to dinner ar a friends house…. I would get to the door and couldn’t go in…..I had no self confidence and I cried for a week when a business acquaintance of my Husband,  dressed in her black suit with big shoulder pads  told me "Oh, you’re a housewife….how awful, why don’t you do something with your life."

Her comments inflamed me so I pushed myself to the limit at times…. but I still hate using the phone !!!!!! I wonder where that gal in black is now.? Is she an Author, does she travel the world lecturing and Teaching? Did she raise 13 children and care for other bambinos who had a less fortunate life than our kids.  Hmmmm

No 5. I love different types of food. Son Jamie and I tried frogs legs in France last year. This year I’ve eaten cooked grasshoppers and caterpillars in Mexico. I’m an inventive cook and I’ve inspired the children….(we now have 4 chefs in the family)

BUT I dislike cooking and food shopping, I would rather eat out or get my children to cook for me…(and they do)…. I think it stems from those BIG pots and pans and cooking for the troops at every meal. Of course 8 months a year on the road helps that……
If I do have to cook, I"m real fussy about the ingredients…and that’s part of the problem too….!! Princess Pammy they call me.


No 6. I love to draw and have done so since I was a child. However, I was sitting with a group of friends at dinner one evening. The discussion turned to our memories as children and  we talked about what we were like as 10 year olds….

My friends loved fishing, swimming, being with friends…..etc

BANG, it hit me between the eyes, I thin I was a NERD. I had glasses, short curly hair, I was skinny and wished I was a boy so I only wore shorts and t shirts. I rode my bike everywhere and I was passionate about the art of the Dutch Masters… I spent a lot of my time drawing at the kitchen table, listening to soaps and writing to art Galleries in Europe….

My mother bought me some shoes with heels and stockings… I cut up the stockings and sawed the heels off the shoes…. (at least they were red)
A Nerd indeed…. that’s why I wear red glasses and red shoes… I’m trying to make up for my inadequacies when I was 10.

No 7. I talk a lot about travel and being with friends.

I talk  about my joy of being in class and interacting with students, of meeting new people and having exciting adventures.

However, my friends have a big influence on me. One of my closest friends is 18 years younger than me and we laugh at each others voice on the phone. One of my best friends is 18 years older than I am, I admire her intelligence and creative spirit.

Many of my friends are my age and we have a lot in common, but some of the friends I have grown up with don’t understand my life style anymore… and for that I’m rather  sad.

But being a Traveling Quilt Tutor is an amazing experience…!!

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  1. pat sloan says:

    Pam I’m so glad I tagged you…. I LOVE all these tidbits.
    We have many things in common.. I don’t draw as beautiful as you… but I’ve drawn my stick things forever.
    And I don’t care for the phone and was VERY shy for a very long time… it changed when my day job forced me to learn to be comfortable with groups.
    Big HUGS!!!!! (and 8 months on the road.. wowzer… !)
    Pat Sloan

  2. candy says:

    I realise that I was a blogger when I was 10. Back then it was known as ‘corresponding with one’s pen friends’.

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