Yet Another Tag.

I’ve been tagged again. but I can’t find who did it…..

Once again I need to tell you 7 things you don’t know about me.
This is getting rather difficult and serious.

1.   I played the harp and the violin as a child and taught myself the piano. My harp made by Sebastian Erard in Paris, made in the 1700’s  it was so old that my Father had to tune it every time I played it. I have small hands and it was alway difficult to span an octave. I didn’t like the violin and used to spend the money I was given for the bus fare on an ice block. I figured at 9 I could walk to my lesson, eat the ice block, then run home….I played the guitar for years and never went anywhere without it.  I haven’t picked it up for over 20 years now.

2.  I hate swimming. I’m the only person in my family who can’t swim.

To be honest, I don’t want to swim. I figure it’s not normal to have your ears and nostrils filled with water.

My friends decided that they would let me teach them how to quilt if I would learn to swim….. they have all been quilting for over 15 years now…. this little possum is not going anywhere near a swimming pool.

I was sent to swimming lessons as a child, but I never went in the water, I pretended I was someones sister and sat on the sidelines….I met this girl at swimming lessons and for weeks I told her my Father was a vet…. I spun a wonderfully colorful story  around my Fathers Veterinary Practice. It turned out she was the daughter of our new Minister, who mentioned to my Mother that we lived an interesting life as the family of a veterinarian. My Mother was furious.  My Father is in reality an Engineer….I received a lecture on lying… the next Sunday the Minister in his most Godliest of voices gave a sermon on the evils of lying and looked straight at me with his eagle eye. I wanted to kick him in the shin.s I never liked his daughter after that, nor him, and specially the swimming lessons.!!!!

3. When I grow up, I would like to make serious documentaries. I dabble at the moment… but I would like to work on human interest stories.

4. The other day, for the first time in my life  a man offered to stand up for me on the bus…. I refused his offer because I was getting off at the next stop, but he was sitting in the seats for the elderly and incapacitated..  It was an earth shattering experience.

5.  I hated school with a passion. My Mother would put me on the bus and I would run down the and back and get off out the back door… often I beat her home, or I’d get off at the next stop and walk home. Our Son Matty, did the same, but lucky for him, I was more understanding than my Mother. I don’t think I enjoyed one day in my entire school life. I came dux of the school in Primary school and I never ever told my parents. I don’t know why.

6.  I’m allergic to fruit, salad and alcohol. With fruit, specially melon I go into shock and my throat closes… That’s a bit embarrassing in a restaurant….I can eat fruit that has been cooked.
As for alcohol I get lock jaw…. and it’s not funny I can tell you, My kids think it’s hilarious. The call me old LJ. Two days ago I decided to have a margarita….. Number 1, it sure had more tequila than ice and lemon juice. No 2. 10 minutes later….  Lock Jaw…. that pain is like needles through the jaw…..
I know, it’s wacky. But I don’t pretend to be normal.

7, I HATE CINNAMON  and in America they have cinnamon on everything, even the cappuccino’s..    I had a deep fried Turkey and cranberry sandwich once…. Yes, truly, it was deep fried. It’s called a Monte Christo and it has turkey and cheese, is dipped in batter and deep fried and served with icing sugar and raspberry jam….. sometimes UGGGG cinnamon.

So I have revealed all…..!!!


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