Creative License

Almost everyone drives a car.

I was a late starter and learnt in our suped up cooper S when I was 19. That was a dangerous combination when I finally did get my license….

It was frustrating when I was learning, I had no confidence, several times I just got out of the car and walked away…..even at stop lights!!! I could quite easily have given up because it was hard. But I pushed through the barrier because I knew the end result would give me a great deal of freedom. Everyone drives a car, I can’t imagine life without it. BUT it took work to achieve.

I wasn’t born with the skill to drive.
Repetition, increased awareness and the ability to perform several tasks at once, became intuitive.
Eventually I became a driver. I wasn’t the best, but years of practice have honed my skills.

I use this analogy when I talk about learning to quilt on your sewing machine…. the skills are similar… but that’s a different subject.

It’s the same with creativity. It wasn’t necessarily something that you had to learn at school. Many of Starmy students say…. "I can’t draw" or "I don’t have a creative bone in my body"  but did you ever sit at a creative task until you were satisfied with it…. did you practice it over and over again until you got your license.? or did you slam on the brakes and say "That’s too hard"
Trust me…… YOU CAN LEARN until it becomes intuitive and I’m going to give you a few hints.

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  1. candy says:

    Is it a needle for making a wig?
    Like the new banner.

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