Creative license No 2. Journal.

So hopefully you have a journal.

My favorite journal is a brand called Moleskine, it’s a small black leather covered book made in Italy, the paper is fine grain and it has an envelope in the back for notes… it fits into my bag and I have a smaller one for my purse. They can be purchased at any good bookstore.

I write notes, add photos and interesting things, like tickets and I love drink coasters so they are collected too. For instance, I saved the ballet tickets from Mexico… and  the underground tickets that cost 20 cents….!!!! they are wonderful trigger memories.

Dsc01368_3One of my journals is just for sketching on the plane.

There is an exercise that I do with some of my classes.. and in July I have a  retreat in Michigan where we will be doing this activity. (my class will be bused from Grayling Michigan to Macinaw Island)

I ask students to take a walk with their eyes open.

To visit an area that they are not real familiar with….

On the Macinaw trip  we will look at things just a little differently, and we will discuss them as a group….and then the students have an opportunity to go off on their own if they wish to discover…..
Maybe we will discover the edge of a leaf with the light shining through.
Maybe it will be  Dsc02882
the color of the lilacs in bloom or some of the wonderful doors on the houses that look like wedding cakes….

I ask my students to sketch a number of things. A leaf, a flower, a color combination…..It doesn’t matter how rough the drawings are, the act of putting pen to paper is very powerful.

Next  they describe in words what they discovered along the way. I encourage them to take photos… lots of photos in fact.

Your Journal becomes your friend and an extension of the way you think.