Ricky on CBS

There are never enough hours in the day. However with temperatures in the 100’s (40’s) for the past 15 days I took time out to watch movie this afternoon.
Both studio’s are air conditioned… but I think it’s the day to day work in the heat that’s tiring.

I spent most of the day today completing and sending out paperwork. It’s an integral part of being a Tutor and as we accept contracts several years out you sure can’t make a mistake.

However, I think it’s all done  —– for a few days at least. Most of it is for 2009, some for 2010 and I have some exciting invitations….

The quilt world is buzzing with the word that Ricky Tims is going to be on CBS Sunday morning… which should air in the morning our time.

If not you can go to the CBS web site to see the interview…. (so I’ve been told)

CBS is on channel 10 here in Australia at 4.00 am…. so it will be an early start in the morning.

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